2012 Crafty Resolutions Revisted

More Crafternoons with my lovely friends. Done!
Play more family friendly live shows. Done!
Play an acoustic suburban lounge room/backyard tour. Done!
Record a few new tunes. Done!
Figure out how to use youtube.
Learn to crochet Granny squares.
Overcome my fear of sewing in zips.
Bake bread more often then once a year.
Post here regularly. Done!

I set myself a few crafty goals at the beginning of 2012. As we're nearly at the middle of the year (seriously, where has this year gone!!?) I thought I'd share with you where I'm up to with these goals. I figure 5 out of 9 is pretty good, and I've been enjoying the journey, but it does look like I might need to go and get some counselling soon to deal with my fear of sewing in zips and Youtube.

(A recent picture of me thinking about Youtube.)


  1. once you learn how to put a zip in, you will wonder what you were so worried about......youtube .......i am clueless!

  2. haha, yes, i know! everybody keeps telling me how easy zips are, but for some reason i alwasy seem to find a reason to avoid them! im definatly going to give it a go SOON!

  3. Why don't you find a Youtube clip that tells you how to sew zips in? :)

  4. haha, yes thats a great idea..(although i might come out in hives!! )my biggest fear with youtube is uploading videos if i make video clips for my songs...eeek! (i seriously blame my technophobia for not being a youtube singing sensation and famous as all hell!!!) xx