Crap! It's Cold! Idea #2

Make soup. Then eat it. Maybe with some fresh bread. Then sigh with satisfaction. You could get used to this winter thing....

I never follow a recipe with soup. I just cook off a bit of onion, chuck my choice vegies in a big pot, nearly cover with stock and cook until tender. I then blitz it with a bar mixer and add whatever else needs to be added; fresh herbs, cream etc. This weekend it was potato and leek soup (with a bit of fresh parsley, cream and bacon thrown in.) An oldie but a goodie is always Pumpkin and Coriander soup too.

Whats your favourite soup to make or eat? I'd like some more ideas!

Mezz xo


  1. This is my favourite soup!:


    But honestly, I love all kinds of soup. It's probably my most favourite food in the world!! x

  2. potato and leek with bacon is up there for us, as is spicy vegie and bacon soup and chicken and parsley soup! and yes, crusty bread with silly amounts of butter is a must! tomorrow I am making a tomato soup which i quite excited about!

  3. Left over roast vege soup, lentil soup, pumpkin and sage, minestrone... the list goes on!

  4. hmmm..you're all making very hungry! xx

  5. Moroccan lamb soup - yummo.....