Knitting and Good things!

I've finished knitting my bright orange oven mitts. I think they are very cheerful (which is nice as everything is getting pretty wintery and grey around here!) This wasn't difficult to knit, but a great way to learn how to follow a pattern and practise some new stitches (mostly stocking stitch and moss stitch.)

My new knitting project are some winter slippers. This is a very easy garter stitch pattern I found last year on a Spotlight leaflet. They are actually children's slippers, I knitted a magenta pair for Miss Coleman last winter. But as I have very small feet, I am just making the 12 year old size for me!

Before I leave, I must apologise for not stopping by too often recently. Life has been pretty hectic, and it's often in these times of craziness that I find myself really needing to appreciate the things in life that bring me joy. If I stop and reflect, there are always HEAPS of GOOD things happening.

Here are a few:

-Some awesome parents organised a coat and school uniform swap at Coleman Jnr's school. I love that our school community is thinking about small ways in which we can share our resources, and reduce the need to buy, buy, buy!
-Looking forward to catching up with my sister in law, Nicole, who I haven't seen in years!
-Spring cleaning our apartment (or is that "autumn cleaning?")
-Watching my singing students perform so confidently at their school concert.
-Going for a walk today with our housemates.
-Reading some great books
-Coleman Jnr's recent discovery that he LOVES being in our community garden, and therefore prioritising time spent there.
-Finished sewing myself a dress (will share with you soon, just need to get someone to take some pics.)
-Starting to get ready for our trip to the UK!!
-Finding nice wintery things to do to celebrate this cool change. (Will share some "Crap! It's cold!" tips soon!)

What GOOD things have been happening in your life?


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