My new Neck Warmer!

I've officially caught the knitting bug! And it's getting very cold and wet here in Melbourne, which means more indoor time, so more knitting! I'm still a novice, but enjoying it heaps. 
As I ride my bike a lot, I decided I needed a neck warmer for when I ride in the cold, rather then wearing a long scarf that can get caught in the wheels! Augh, choke!  

This was a very easy thing to knit. Perfect for a beginner. If you can knit a few stitches, why don't you give something like this ago? It's getting pretty cold out there so a neck warmer might be just the ticket for you to!

Using a chunky wool that you love, and size 6 needles, cast on 18 stitches (or whatever width you'd like yours to be.)
First row: purl, knit, purl, knit etc....to the end of the row
Second row: knit
(please note that I stuffed mine up a few times and accidentally knitted the same row twice, which alternated the pattern. This didn’t seem to matter though, so I just went with it! See? Sometimes mistakes work!)

Keep following this simple pattern until it fits around your neck. It should look like a mini scarf. Then find a big chunky button, pop it one side of you mini scarf, and make a small loop from you wool and attach to the other side of the mini scarf so that you can button it around your neck.

Sorry about the dodgy pics, I took them my self, and I am sick with some sort of virus, so am looking a little haggard
Mezz xx


  1. Very cute neck warmer - love the big button. Thanks for sharing the pattern, and hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love your little scarflette - so practical and useful - I can see a whole series of them in different colours!

  3. Very clever idea, especially for any cyclists out there. Hope you're much better now xo

  4. I LOVE IT! Well done! :)

  5. That is really cute - I haven't knitted for SO long but I love the idea of this

  6. thanks everyone for such lovely comments about my knitting! how my mother would laugh!

  7. Cool scarf! I love getting cosy with knitting needles and a blankie on the couch in winter!

  8. So practical!! and lovely!
    And people say Tasmania is cold and has four season in one day...lol Melbourne is just as bad.

  9. A great idea Mezz, I'm after one of these too, they just make so much more sense than a scarf that just gets in the way!
    Get well soon!