I found this awesome tea towel at the Op Shop a while back. I loved it and was more then happy to fork out the 50c they were asking for it. I do like to use cool tea towels in my kitchen, but decided this one is just a bit too great to get grubby. So it's been shoved away with my craft stuff for a while, doing nothing.

So, crafty ladies (and gents), I'm after ideas! What should I do with it? Should I get creative and turn it into something else, or just keep it and be happy that it's mine!?

All ideas are welcome!!!

I'll keep you posted on what happens to this lovely lady.



  1. I'm feeling a bag of some sort, or the front of an apron...

  2. I'm wondering if it's worth framing, or making into a wall hanging with pieces of dowel top and bottom. A great find xo

  3. I like the idea of a bag too! or cushion cover! I have some lovely tea towels too that I dont want food getting onto, and ive been wanting to hang mine up on kithchen cupboards, so maybe that? If more ideas come, I will let you know! xxor a tea towel bunting, gather lots of your favourite tea towels and make a bunting to hang, either down or across something. A curtian for a window? lol, now i want to get crafty with my tea towels as i write these ideas! hope this helps!

  4. I would make it into a cushion cover :)