Handmade gifts for blokes!

I sometimes find that the whole "handmade" and "crafty" stuff you see everywhere these days is all a bit too cute. Don't get me wrong, I love cute. I'm as granny chic as you, dear reader. I love doilies. I love floral fabric and lace as much as the next crafty lady does. But I find that most handmade items I see are all very geared toward pretty, and sometimes the people I like to make for don't do pretty.

I love making home made things for my bloke, Mr. Coleman, and he really appreciates it, in fact, he does quite a lot of crafting himself. But I found this last Christmas I was struggling to come up with ideas for a handmade gift for a MAN.

Finally, a brainwave hit!! Mr. Coleman had a Beatles t-shirt with a few holes around the arm and neck, so I decided to turn it into a cushion. He loves it, and so many guests have commented on it when they see it on our couch for the first time (mostly guys and Beatles fans!!)

It was just too easy. I simply cut the shirt to the shape of an old cushion we had lying around (square) and then sewed it up together, adding some red ribbon to the back opening. The back's not perfect, but it does the job!

Lots of guys have t-shirts that they're quite attached to that have seen better days, either favourite bands, sports shirts etc. I think this is a great way to up cycle an old shirt and make a handmade gift that's COOL but not CUTE for a guy in your life!! I encourage you to give it a go next Birthday, Christmas, Father's Day..or whenever the need for a gift for your loved one pops up!

Have you got any other handmade gift ideas specifically for guys!!? I need more!!



  1. Yes it is an awesome cushion! Great idea. Pete has given me his old tshirts to now sew up. Perhaps sewing up a note book or guitar strap as a blokey non pretty gift? Dont worry I am in the same boat as you.

  2. lol, i made a mental note to come back and check out the comments/ideas others may have for making guy gifts. i think i need to check out pintrest and get some ideas/plans happening for guy gifts for the year ahead. i love the cushion idea! i am thinking i'll do a porcelain painted plate and then top with his fave treats for valentines day. also thinking of engraving the handle of 2 soup spoons- 'spooning since 2005'. i think he will like both gifts, but they wont get the wow-amazing-love it reaction.

  3. after a quick check on pinterest i slowly have a hubby gift list happening (why didnt i do this before??), so far-

    # lego cuff-links- he wears them everyday for work, and am sure my son wouldnt mind parting with a few little blocks.
    # homemade bbq sauce- loves bbq sauce (maybe with an engraved spoon attached- 'feeling saucy' lol)
    # old number plate turned into a key rack- but to be used next to the bbq to hang the tongs/scraper etc (they seem to end up as little peoples garden tools if they arent kept up high)
    # magic box- somewhere to keep all his random magic trick he is collecting :)

    and that is it, but should be enough to cover birthday and xmas (with a few little extras thrown in). hooray :)

  4. wow such great ideas!we have valentines day and our wedding anniversary coming up in the nxt few weeks so ill definitely be 'borrowing' an idea or two!sumtimes u just cant go past some old fashioned baked goodies for blokes,...cookies,cakes..isnt the way to a man's heart thru his stomach!?

  5. Hey Mezz,

    You might like this bit of men's upcycling