A few cute finds and sweet makes....

How are you? Still in holiday mode? Mr. Coleman has gone back to work, but it still feels like holidays here. He only works part time so is still home a lot, and I’m not back at work for a more weeks, Coleman Jnr is still off school, and we have family from overseas staying with us! So it’s still very holiday-ish around here!! I finally posted off my album "Parts of You, Parts of Me" to the winners of my CD give away, and have had a lovely response, so thank you ladies! Claire (who writes the really sweet blog Sweet Birdy Love) even posted about receiving my little parcel in the mail, how nice!! You can check her blog and that post out here.

We have been pottering still. Our days are being spent with slow and lazy starts, eating out a bit more then usual (normally at our favourite Vietnamese joint down the road), hanging out with our housemates and just watching the kids play together, going to the beach, checking out a few op shops and markets, making ice cream and bread, I even went to the movies, visiting the local library and bumping into everyone from our community there, and wondering why with all this spare time on our hands the house is even messier then usual!! Today we are going with friends into China Town in the city for dumplings, and then on to a Tram Museum (Coleman Jnr will love it!)

Anyway, I'm still not getting up to anything too challenging and exciting, but here are a few things I've been making and finding.....

Found this old "Thomas the Tank" plate, bowl and cup set in an Op Shop down in Geelong. I love the old "Thomas" much more then the new. It's much more "English village" and sweet, don't you think?

Bright vintage tea towel (you can never have too many of these cheering up your kitchen.)

An Op Shop gave this to us for free (not sure why!?) but we like it, it's bringing some sunshine vibes to the kitchen!

The crochet hook is out again, this time I am trying something other than a granny square!! (go, me!)

My brother came over during the week and we made a huge batch of apricot and ginger jam, and have slowly been giving them out to neighbours (keeping some for ourselves of course!) yum.

What have you been making or finding??

See u soon



  1. Apricot and ginger jam sounds delish! One of my most favourite foods, that I grew up eating as kid with my grandma was a spoonful of homemade apricot jam in a mini shortcrust pastry shell. My gran would bake them and have them in a tub ready to go for the jam. and what have I found lately...do yourself a favour (and you can take me), go to rosebud for the day and see what you can find!

  2. Hey Mezz, things sounds nice and cruisey at your place.....CHina Town for dumplings, that sounds wonderful. Hope your O/s visitors are enjoying the weather. Lovely and cool here today with some rain, yay...
    More great op shop finds, I once found a really oldThomas book at a jumble sale, definitely prefer the vintage edition.
    The jam looks great and well done on the crochet. I got that Mollie Makes too and gave the coaster a whirl, but found it 'turned up' a bit. Must have another go and see if I can get it right.......
    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the kind words.....

    CLaire x

  3. hi ladies...yes the weather has been warm, not hot..a nice week to have English visitors!! Claire, I have had similar problems with my Mollie Makes coasters...thought it was just me!! phew!taz, I think we are very seriously thinking about a night or two down at Rosebud...will keep you posted!

    Mezz xox