bits and bobs..

I know this looks bad.

Stitching my own name into things like a complete ego maniac!!

I assure you, my ego has not yet grown completely out of control....this is just a little project I'm working on that may or may not be something to do with my music!!! Stay tuned...

In other news (news!?) I think I may have just found the world's loveliest blog called Vintage Sheet Addict, and you should check it our here. Written by a lovely lass in the UK, she shows lots of lovely craft projects she's working on (most of them using awesome up cycled vintage sheets) and she also occasionally posts about the struggles and joys of parenting an autistic child, something that resonates very deeply with me and my own experience.

Check her out! You'll love here, I'm sure!

Her blog inspired me to have a think about my own love of vintage sheets. Here are some things from the past year that have appeared on my blog, all made out of vintage sheets!

A birthday present I made for my awesome sis in law Ash, I loved it so much I use it as my blogger pic!!

Mr. Coleman and Coleman Jnr whipped this up for me.

Bunting. Never enough.

A "unicorn" bag for a little friend of Coleman Jnr's.

I made myself this dress..ok for first attempt at dress making!

Skirts for some cute 1 year old twins!

We made this live clip about a year ago, the dress I'm wearing is a vintage sheet turned dress, thanks to the awesome Mr. Coleman, who is a dab hand with the sewing machine! 

Now I'm wondering what I should do next with my vintage sheet stash!? It's been a while!

Mezz x


  1. Love those little projects..... and love vintage sheets. I've been making curtains out of mine!

  2. Love the vintage 'makes' Mezz - very cute embroidery too!
    Alison :D