Fun with felt!!

I love felt.

I especially love cute felt, and couldn't walk past a piece covered in music notes on my last trip to Taiwan without buying it, and have been waiting almost two years for the right time to use it.

The time to finally use it arrived yesterday. So frustrated that my sewing desk is an absolutely disaster at the moment, I decided it needs some serious re-organising!! And to get started I needed a little needle "notebook" for all my needles, as they have been (up until yesterday) scattered all over the house, often popping up in random and unexpected places. Hmm...quite unsafe considering we have a Little Miss 2 year old!!

So I quickly whipped up this little notebook using cute felt, a bit of op-shopped lace and a retro flower cut out of a retro tea towel!!

Finally I have one spot for all my needles to belong!! Now I need to actually use it, as putting things back where they come from has never been a strong point of mine (no matter how many times my mum tried to drum it into me!!!)

Some of you lovely crafters make much more elaborate and wonderful versions of these little needlebooks, I'd love to see them- feel free to share links via comments. In the meantime I’m quite happy with my easily whipped up felt craft at the mo!!

Mezz xxx


  1. This is very cute. I made a similar one for my swap buddy once. You can have a look here is you wish! xx http://butterandbuntings.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/pincushion-swap-part-1.html

  2. Gorgeous!! I love working with felt too. At the moment though, i am busily sewing up a storm for my first ever market stall in a couple of weeks. Will do a blog post on all my makings soon. Looking fwd to seeing you guys soon. Love the blog header, btw!

  3. ooh nic,how exciting!cant wait to see wot u made and how the stall.goes xx

  4. This is really cute....so simple but so useful...might need to organise my needles too i think xxx

  5. thnx bron..yes,sumtimes its the simplest things to make that i seem to take ages getting round to doing! glad i finally did it.