What's with the orange!!?

We are still in summer holiday mode here in Melbourne. Coleman Jnr starts school in a few days, I think then everything will feel "back to normal," which I'm kind of looking forward to, (although I'm sure it won't be long till I'm longing again for long lazy days with hours to do nothing!) But I do enjoy living my life to rhythm, and the nothingness of summer after a while just gets a bit out of control around here! Looking forward to some routine.

The weather here has cooled down a bit, making me very happy, as I'm quite looking forward to autumn, my favourite time of year. I must be feeling ready for autumn, because most of my recent Op Shop finds are orange and brown, very autumn-y!!! I often find that certain colours appeal to me at certain times of year...what colours are you into at the moment?

Here are a few cute things to brighten up our little home. They were all found at local Op shops.

70's "flip" calander

a cheery pot holder

a very nostaligc bread bin!

Little cafe curtains, we hung them up in our kitchen (yes, looking forward to removing the ugly bars from the window!!)

 and a lovely little 70's blackboard/magnet desk. Miss Coleman loves this one!

Hope you enjoyed checking out my little collection of orange cuteness. All of this together would have cost under $20.

Speak soon! Lot's of creating going on around at the moment, can't wait to share!

Mezz x


  1. Love the cafe curtains! Do you remember your nana getting everything in brown and orange for their caravan? There must be a bit of her in you I think. And yes, roll on autumn....I love it. Amazing colour. ( I love most season changes actually).xo

  2. Great finds Mezz.....love the bread tin, goes well with the curtains.....the flip calender is so cute.
    It certainly has been an orange and brown op shop adventure.

    I love Autumn too and all those gorgeous colours, but at the moment I'm still into brights and I just love red and pink together also pale blue and red. Just can't get enough of them......


  3. yes,my fav colour is bright cherry red...but for sum reason my house is full of orange & brown!i think partly becoz mr coleman loves those colours,and partly becoz op shops are full of orange and brown stuff!!

  4. I really like the flip calendar and my mum has a crockery set with the same print as your curtains, she was given it as a wedding present nearly 30 years ago.

  5. wow,how cool...id love to see the crockery...sounds awesome!xx

  6. I'm loving orange and autumn colours too. What lovely finds. I adore that 70's flip calender. That would have come home with me, had I found it too. Thanks for coming over the mine. Cx