I have a new (old) table.

It reminds me of my Nana's kitchen table, and so I'm feeling very nostalgic and happy with our choice. I always loved going to my Nana and Pa's place growing up, and since both of them have passed away in the last 10 years, I guess I feel a deep desire to remember these happy parts of my childhood and allow these wonderful people from past (particularly my Nana, Elsie,) to live on through the sharing of stories, cooking of her recipes, and for showing the same love and care to my family as she always did to us.

Some favourite memories of going to Nana's:

-Helping Nana make everyone a cup of tea after dinner, and getting my own cup of tea that I was allowed to put as much sugar as I wanted in it! (Which I did, 5 teaspoons at least....hmm..yuck.)
-Helping Nana "stir the cake" whenever she made her famous cream butterfly cakes.
-Watching their videos of Gilbert and Sullivan productions taped off the ABC, our favourite being "Pirates of Penzanse" and singing along.
-Finding sixpence in our Christmas pudding each year, and Nana exchanging what we found for real money!
-Nana and Pa were pretty hip and got a VCR before we ever did, and so they used to tape footy matches (Richmond of course!) and "Thomas the Tank" for us.
-Catching the bus to their place straight after school each Friday for Friday night dinner. Every single week, for years and years.
-Fish and Chips on Good Friday.
-Playing downball in their driveway.
-Choc coated vanilla icypoles in the freezer for whenever the grandkids visited!
-Walking up the road to her local shops, visiting the local butcher, Op shop and Safeway (sometimes getting a ride in Nana’s  shopping "jeep.")
-Nana would always save the butchers paper for us to draw on, I have many happy memories of drawing with my brother's at Nana’s and Pa’s place.
-Watching Nana crochet.
-Rice bubbles for breakfast when we had sleepovers. I never got these at home, (so BIG treat!)
-Looking at photos and listening to Nana's stories of growing up in Richmond.

This is me with Nana..I could be wrong, but looks like Christmas pudding!!

One of Elsie's recipes (in her handwriting...)

Anyway, I could go on...but I might start boring you.

Do you have fond memories of your grandparents, or a particular grandparent? I'd love to know what some of your memories are!

Mezz xx

PS- Another lovely fellow blog writer posted about receiving my album in the post. You can check it out here.


  1. This is lovely mezz. I did a post on my grandma a while ago on my blog id love you to see. Fond memories of her was her cooking. Loved walking in the garden with mygranparents finding eggs for brekky and sitting and watching telly with our dinner on trays in the evenings. I loved their swimming pool and fruit trees and loved serving the customers at their shop. I loved dressing in my narmies (grandma) high heels and nighties. Loved helping my oupa feed the chickens and dogs. My narmie used to sew alot of our clothes and made me lots of barbie clothes. Loved my oupas roasts every sunday. I miss my childhood dearly and miss my narmie so much. My oupa is still alive andhe handwrites us letters each week which I love. Percy brings my family lots of joy as apparently he looks alot like my oupie so that is lovely. Here is the link to my post. Need to go wipe my tears...

  2. LOVE your table!! (But I will miss the red round one too)
    I am particularly close to two of my grandparents... my mum's mum and dad. They are divorced and therefore live seperately, but over the past 12 months both of their health has deteriorated rapidly. My grandfather has alzheimers and a bad heart, and I think I'll be lucky to see my grandmother again (she lives a few hundred kilometres away from me). I have bits and pieces in my home that have come from both of them, and I cherish them. So I know what you mean when you talk about that table!!!

  3. I so loved reading what you wrote about your lovely nana, my lovely mother in law. She was a gem and filled quite a hole in my life. I learned much from her...about cooking, gardening, craft. Still when I do or make certain things, she comes immediately to my mind. Your dad recently scanned some old slides of her back yard, and I was just there. I wish she could see all of you now, your families, the things you all value, and what a lasting impression she left on us all. The people who we cherish the most are people the world may not give a second glance to, yet the way they love us impacts us enormously...I guess it's up to us to pass that gift on. As for my dear grandma...she died when I was 12 and I didn't know how I'd ever get by without her. She was a gracious Christian lady, my soft place to land,who was the only one to put my hair in ringlets with a red bow, who regularly made pancakes for us when we visited every Saturday, who gave me coins from her purse so I could go up the shop while mum and dad were off doing other things and I could buy 3d worth of lollies (such a treat, as I didn't get pocket money).. If I stayed over, her "brown toast"and boiled egg was the best...and the cups of tea with heaps of damp sugar at the bottom! She would patiently sit in her arm chair while I told her stories (or played Church) and her piano in that front room was a place I loved to be. I can still picture the pictures on her wall.Less than 5 feet tall, never had a home of her own, but loved this little adopted grand daughter, her "Sunbeam". Thankyou for reminding me of both these amazing women xo