A very cute thing

Here's an easy way to make a little girl in your life very, very,very happy.

Take one hankie (a cute, vinatge one is great...but any will do....)
....and some strong ribbon/tape.

Make four 30cm (rough guide only!) length straps out of the ribbon, and then attach to each corner of the hankie, either sewn by hand or machine.

Tie the two top straps around your little one's neck (not too tight of course!), and the other two straps around your little one's waste.

Pop bubba in, and you've got a cute little baby carrier for the dolls!

Mezz xxx

PS This sling was inspired by a similar idea I found over at the blog called Lulastic, written by a friend of my sister in law's in the UK. You can visit the sweet blog by click click clicking here.


  1. This is soo cute! Now we can both carry our Percy's around!!

  2. love it! cant wait to give it a try :)

  3. what a lovely idea...thank you for sharing...I know some little girls who would love this...amazing how people come up with these simple and creative things...

  4. Thanks ladies, yes..very cute! Check our the blog lulastic for more fab carft ideas! xx

  5. This is so cute....so easy and yet so loved I bet.xxx

  6. Great idea! I think the girls would love something like this (maybe a slightly bigger version).