Library Lovin'

I love libraries. So. Much. I love them for personal reasons, community reasons, ethical reasons and political reasons. They are awesome!

Why are libraries so awesome? I feel like they give us this little glimpse into an alternate universe, where people have no need to consume. I often feel a need to own something that I love, but the library allows me to consider a different way…When I enter a library I recognize that I don't need to own everything there, but I can enjoy a book or a DVD, get out of it whatever I can…(whether it’s entertainment or information,) and then return it for somebody else to enjoy. It’s the idea of sharing that’s quite uncommon in our world, and because there is no exchange of money, everything is built on trust. Quite counter cultural, really!

I also love libraries because I adore books. I'm a bit of an extrovert; so people are often surprised to find out what a keen reader I am. I have always loved to get lost in stories, and sometimes Mr. Coleman jokes that I "disappear" for a while if I'm really into a book, and "come back" a few days later when I’ve finished! I will read anything. From classic British literature or Craft, Gardening and Cooking books, to favourite post modern Aussie writers (2 favourite’s being Peter Carey and Nikki Gemmell)…. and I have even been known to pick up a trashy Mills and Boon to get me through a crappy day!!
Why is my library so awesome in particular? Because I always bump into my friends and neighbours down there. It’s a central place of belonging and activity in our community. Because they cater for so many different language readers. And most importantly, because unlike many libraries, it's very NOISY!! So the kids and I fit in quite well! I also love that computers and internet are always available for the members of our community who cannot afford this luxury at home, so that they too can remain connected, often to loved ones overseas.

So because I love books, and I think Libraries are very under-celebrated members of our communities, I’m going to endeavor to simply share with you what I borrow each time I visit the library, and hope it inspires you to go do the same!

Just another small way in which we can actively avoid buying, and maybe get a glimpse of that “alternate universe” I was talking about!

Today's picks:

Do you visit your library much? What did you last borrow?

Mezz xoox


  1. we try to go to the library every week for kids story time, the kids get to sit on big comfy cushions and listen to a few stories and then make a small craft item. and its free! i am always amazed that there are not more people there making use of our local library. we pick out books, and the highlight of our visit is the scanning and receipt self serve computer. i cant remember the last time i had a chance to sit and read 'properly', but i have been enjoying shaun tan's picture books (for older readers)- amazing artwork and lots to think about!