I heart Mr. Coleman

Who needs IKEA when you have milk crates, cable ties, and a CLEVER HUBBY!!?
Introducing our newest piece of upcycled milk crate furniture put together by Mr. Coleman.

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to my clever, upcycling, funny, icecream making, clothes washing, creative, op shopping, thrifty and thoughtful husband, Mr. Coleman!! I've never once regretted getting married at 19 years old, as young as I now think that was. I've had the best fun growing up together and figuring out with you how to be an adult!! We might have done it a bit differently to most of our friends, but that's ok, coz we like being a bit different....and never a day goes by when I don't think myself very blessed to be your lady.

Mezz xx


  1. Happy anniversary mezz! Hope you've had a lovely day together and are feeling better! X

  2. Happy anniversary.....he is a clever thing and it looks like there may never be too many dull moments in your lives. xxx

  3. Happy Anniversary Mezz ... wishing you many more happy years together ... Bee xx

  4. Aaw, that's so nice Mezz......sounds like you guys have really got your act happenin'.......

    Here's to many more happy years full of ice cream making, clothes washing, op shopping and everything else on the list and much, much more...

    Claire xx