My sentimental T -Shirt Quilt

Here it is. Finished at last!

I have wanted to do this for ages and have FINALLY DONE IT! Hooray!!

We give most of our outgrown and outdated clothes away to friends or charity, but over the years I’ve held on to some t-shirts that were special…..and I have finally joined them together to make this fun quilt.

This was done completely freestyle with no forward planning. It’s one of those "please admire from afar but don't get up close and look" type quilts, because it's been sewn quite badly, and is all a bit higglety pigglety and crooked.

Having said that, I’m pretty pleased with myself. This is a bit of Coleman family history, right here. And the higglety pigglety-ness of it all kind of reminds me of our completely quirky little family. With a non nuero-typical 6 year old, artists for parents and an extremely funky little 2 year old, things get a bit messy and crooked in our family. This quilt represents us perfectly.

Some of my favourite moments (probably not the right word) in this quilt are the Steve Carrel/Anchorman "I love Lamp" square, the Beatle's "Let it be" square, Thomas the Tank and the cute owl, the Taiwanese Salvation Army Square (random, I know), Scooby Doo, and the Dunder Mifflin Company Picnic square (any fans of the US "Office" will get it!)

This quilt is backed with a green Op Shopped woolen blanket, and some fat white bias binding can hide a multitude of mistakes, don't you think??

Mezz x


  1. Love it mezz, great idea. I must get cracking on my pot holder mat/quilt..I always forget then get reminded when I see peoples finished quilts! xx

  2. Hey Mezz, this quilt is awesome. Some really interesting t shirts there and what a great way to use them. I love that you used a recycled blanket to back it, nice and snuggly for Winter.
    Well done, this will be a blanket that the kids argue over when they get older to see who gets to keep it........

    CLaire x

  3. Mezz, Mezz, Mezz! I love it! I wish I'd saved all those t-shirts that I gave away to charity shops. I'm a fool and a half that's for sure. I know what you mean about non-planning and higgledy piggledy - I'm the expert. Who cares, though, it looks fabulous. I've just had a rummage round your blog and I almost squealed with joy when I saw the quilt on your bed (I say "almost" because I'm at work and squealing is not a good idea). I also like the Australiana lampshade, the kettle, the flip calendar (adore that) and the bread bin. Yay, so glad you found me! xx

    1. hi there,so glad u enjoyed my blog. i made that quilt on my bed using lots of scrap fabric.i made it before i started blogging so have never shared it...pop by again soon,ill be visiting ur lovely space soon!x

  4. This is fabulous ....makes me wish I hadn't gotten rid of so many great tee's over the years...you guys will have fun every time you use that quilt. xx

  5. What happy memories that will bring every time you give it a squeeze.
    Kindest regards linda

  6. Your quilt is fabulous! Something to really treasure and that will hold great memories for you. I love your crochet below too.
    M xxx

  7. What a great way to preserve memories with something practical and creative. You'll all get pleasure from it too. xo

  8. oh this is wonderful! I've been saving my sons t-shirts so I can do something like this! x