There have not been many times in my life when I could literally say that a dream was coming true.

But a dream I’ve been dreaming since I was a little girl actually did come true last Saturday night. I SAW, (AND WAS TECHNICALLY IN THE SAME ROOM AS) A BEATLE!!!!!!

Ringo might not have been as mysterious as George, as talented as Paul or as cool as John, but he was the charming, funny, and downright perfect drummer for the Beatles, and without him it just wouldn’t have worked. There was something just so wonderfully right about the four of them. I was 17 when my favourite Beatle, George Harrison sadly passed away, and I remember saying to my older brother John.... “ok, let's just deal with the reality, WE WERE BORN IN THE WRONG ERA….. we’re never going to see a Beatle!!” and while I was fine with that, there was always this little spark of hope that one day I might.

John. Paul. George. Ringo. These four guys will never ever know who I am, and will never know what a significant impact their music, movies, personalities and everythingness had on me growing up. Not one other artist in any other medium will ever come close to meaning as much to me as the Beatles do.

So, anyway, on Saturday night Me, Mr. Coleman, my brother John and his wife (and my best bud) Ash, went to Festival Hall in and saw a legend.

What can I say? He is 72. Fit as a fiddle. Funny. Energetic. He sang the crowd favourites. I cried.
What a guy.


PS Sorry picture quality isn't awesome, but how could I not share!!!???


  1. Looks like you had a very memorable night!!

  2. Love, love, love the photos. I'm, so glad you had a dream come true...just like me and Capri. Something we both thought could never possibly happen did. Yay for us! xo

  3. Meh I Mezz, just wanted to say, we checked out your u tube video, you have a fantastic voice! I live in a musical family too, not me I'm sad to say but a very talented Mr Bea and two girls who take after their Dad but don't yet know it! :) x

    1. That should read Hi Mezz, my iPad thinks it knows what I want to say again! :) x

    2. haha,dont u love the way our computers think they know better then us?! glad u enjoyed my music,feel free to follow links on my blog to other music ive made! thnx for ur sunny blog btw!

  4. Hey Mezz, how wonderful to have your dream come true.........looks like you all
    had a fab night out.
    It's interesting how music impacts our lives and where it takes us.
    So what's the next dream you're working on?

    Claire x

  5. hi claire,great question! whats my next big dream? see paul mccartney?! travel around the uk for a year with the fam...have sum more radio play with my music....a tidy house?!!!

    one of those wld do!