Using up scrap fabric!!

What do you do with all the little bits of scrap fabric that you get left over from sewing projects?

This is what we do!!

We tie them all together and weave them through the bed heads!!

It adds a bit more colour to our bedroom, and is quite cute and thrify I think.

What do you do with all your little fabric scraps? I'm sure there's plenty of ideas out there....feel free to share.

Mezz xx


  1. love this idea! have added it to my pintrest board :) am thinking the strips of fabric could look cool to use for bunk bead heads when we finally get the kids bunk bed. thanks for the inspiration. erin :)

  2. nice....my daughter did the same thing to her plastic laundry basket.

  3. That is super fun and so gorgeous....not sure my sweet would go for that after I am trialling my granny spread already. but thanks for the idea.xxx

  4. What a fab idea! It goes really well with your patchwork quilt which I have my eye on, hehe :)

    Love your new header too Mezz!

  5. thanks ladies...its a bit of fun!

  6. Hi Mezz, are you the girl with the gorgeous voice singing Silent Night with Taz's husband? I had a look following a tip-off on Taz's blog today. You both sounded lovely, and I loved your laugh at the end v.much too.
    I love the pretty scrappy weaving at the end of your bed.
    I'll be back, catch you then x

    1. hi kylie, yes that is me singing silent night with pete carr!! i am taz's sister in law, her hubby is my brother!! small world isn't it. feel free to follow any of the links provided on this blog to hear more of my music!!!!

      i love your blog by the way, you must spend a lot of time op shopping to get all the great things you find!!!

      stop by again soon, ill be visiting you again as well!

  7. Mezz, you are so clever and creative...I would never have thought of that! Must have a look next time I'm over xo