I've been at it again!!

The crochet hook has made an appearance once again! It seems to come out either in cold weather, or when I feel a bit couch bound. As I have recently been unwell, crochet became the only type of craft I had energy for. I could do it while lounging around and it didn't require too much thought! As you can see, I am still a beginner, and I can't really crochet anything other then granny squares at the moment, but I'd like to learn a few more stitches and give something else a go soon! (I've got my eye on a few Mollie Makes crochet patterns.)

The other night I accidentally crocheted one of these little circles, and they were so cute and easy I just kept on making them!!! Now I have all these pastel little things and I'm not sure what to do with them all! I am after suggestions on how to best use them, so feel free to offer any ideas!!

This large square will become a cushion or seat cover….

And here are my newest granny squares.

The problem with getting better at any type of craft is that you can often look back at your earlier work and be pretty unhappy with it. I made a whole bunch of colourful granny squares using acrylic wool last year, in the hope that I'd join them all to make a blanket. But the problem is, I now look at them and they are completely unusable! Dropped stitches, wonky shapes...and I never thought I’d be a snob about this kind of thing but the acrylic wool just feels pretty nasty too. So I've "started again" and will be making a whole bunch of these random squares to hopefully turn into a big wooly blanket for our bed by winter time. (That gives me 3 months!!!!)

What crafting do you like to do on the couch!!??

Mezz xoxo


  1. Hey Mezz, don't be too hard on yourself.......none of us are experts when we first start out. I look at some of my work from a few years ago and cringe, but back then I thought it was great...groan,lol...
    Your little crocheted circles could be turned into crocheted bunting, just make a length of chain stitch and attatch them as you to or you could keep stitching and turn them into squares for a cushion or maybe some flowers. Some great tutorials on Bunny Mummy's blog or Attic 24.
    Hope you are over your illness.......enjoy your week, fingers crossed for some rain.

    CLaire x

  2. Your crochet is great! You are doing really well! :) x

  3. thanks ladies!

    crochet is addictive,thats for sure!

  4. Hi Mezz,
    love your cute, fun blog, thanks for your comment over at mine.
    Loving those grannies, if you count and work out the spaces you can make your wee circles in to granny squares too ....or make a long garland out of them with bobbles in between??? Oh so many ideas not enough time...
    Bestest from your newest follower
    daisy j

    Ps crochet on the couch for me..

  5. Hi Daisy J,
    thanks for popping over!! I think the circles might become a garland..I'll keep you posted.

    PS crocheting on the couch for you tonight!!

  6. Hey mezz.

    Those circles are inspiring. might be an idea for bridesmaids bouquets...

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog- love your crochet, I agree that you could string the circles together and make really cute bunting x

  8. Hey your granny squares look great. They can become addictive I agree but also I find them quite soothing. I am taking part in a crochet along if you fancy joining in you would be more than welcome.