Australiana Vintage!!

As you know, I love old things. Call it vintage, retro, or just plain old old, I don't really care! I especially love old Australian things. I think they add a bit of history in our house, and acknowledge that no matter how bizarre and stuffed up this country we find ourselves in is, it's home. I find these sorts of gems are quite rare in Op shops, but get pretty excited when I see things like Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, Skippy, and old footy stuff.. (although my brother gets more excited by that stuff, so we end up giving it to him!!) My Sister in law, Nic, who writes the blog make sew bake grow sent us a lovely vintage set of thimbles for Christmas, each with a different Australian native flower. So precious.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I found this light shade the other day for $3 at an Op Shop.
Blinky Bill! Yes!

This will go in the kids room, (once we get round to it.)

Do you like getting a bit nationalistic with your vintage finds? I'd love to know about your little treasures that tell a bit about where you're from!

Mezz x

PS There's more then a touch of British in me too, and I must say I found quite a lot of lovely British bits and pieces in Charity Shops while in the UK last year!! Perhaps I'll share in another post.


  1. I get really excited by Peter Rabbit!! and I adore Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!

  2. Great find...yes I am a bit patriotic too....but you are right it is really hard to come by easily these days. xxx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Don't leave it too long before you hang it though Mezz, I've got a gorgeous vintage glass shade (50's, I think) handpainted with nursery rhyme characters, gathering dust and spiderwebs in our shed - my girls got too big for it. It happens quickly...
    Still got my original childhood Blinky Bill.