Easy Peasy Recipe Swap-Recipe #7

This "recipe" was passed on to me from my friend. It's so not cooking, I'm reluctant to even include it here as a recipe, but its fun, yummy, Christmassy, involved some food "upcycling" (which seems to be a hip word at the moment, so I just enjoyed using it then) and mostly, it is Seriously. Easy. Peasy.

How to make some.....


Take one Ye olde Christmas cake (a bought one or made one or gifted one...)

Crumble it all up.

Add a few spoonfuls of jam (any flavour, I used raspberry) to the crumbled cake and mix so that it becomes a thick, slightly wet, cakey mess.

Roll up into little balls and let them set in the fridge for a while.

Drip some melted white chocolate and then place a little red and green lolly on top. (I just used some finely cut jelly babies.)

Very Yum! Fun one for the kiddies (or crappy cooks like me!) to get involved with!!

Happy Yuletide,

Mezz x


  1. These were delicious. Never had them before until fri night. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. These look very cute! White chocolate on top of Christmas cake sounds yum :) :)

  3. i agree,, anything with christmas pudding and white chocolate must be good!!!