Was I born in the wrong era!!??

Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era. Mr. Coleman and I often joke about it, as we both sometimes feel a bit old fashioned. I wouldn't know how to use or download an mp3, but have a great vinyl record collection. Facebook frightens me. Smart phones scare me. Most of the music I love was written and recorded before the 70's.

The same also goes for fashion. I don't have a particular style, but I do love clothes, and find that what I wear is a form of expression for me. I don't spend much money on clothes, as everything is pretty much op shopped, but I do get pretty into it! Over the years, I've thought more about what I actually like, and what suits me, as apposed to what's "in fashion". Here is what I've concluded for myself: I hate pants. I know, I know, how anti feminist of me... I have one pair of jeans simply because I think I should for some reason, but I prefer to wear skirts and dresses everyday. I like the old fashioned stockings and tights that clip onto belts. I don't believe in the word hipsters, and think ladies look much nicer wearing things on their waists, not hips. I always wear an apron in the kitchen.

Anyway, you get the idea... We are now in summer, and bathers have always been a huge problem for me. Find me a lady who's had 2 kids who looks amazing in a skimpy bikini and I'll give you a prize...actually I'll probably just give the amazing looking lady a slap across the face!!! (joking!) To be honest, I don't think anyone looks great in a skimpy bikini, but that's just comes down to taste! I've always wanted to find a pair of bathers that suit me and my style...and every summer I've struggled to find anything that's ok.

Well, the wait is over, and I've found what I've been looking for!! It's very rare to find vintage bathers that don't cost an arm and a leg, but good things come to those who wait!!

After spending a month or so trying to decide what to do about the bathers problem, a few weeks ago I found this little number, a 70's vintage bathing suit (complete with little skirt!!) for $12 at the local op shop near my work. I thought it was the most amazing op shop find of the year....

...and then yesterday, at Savers there was a wide range of these high waisted vintage style bikini bottoms. Yes, you heard me. They cost $4 each, and I'll just find a simple black halter neck bikini top to go with it.

I'm so pumped to go the beach and the pool this summer!!

By the way, I'm very aware that there are many perks to living in 2012...Some of them? It's completely acceptable for my husband to not work full time, watching Will Ferrell movies, blogging, texting (I don't mind the odd text!), completely overt racism is totally NOT OK, Overseas travel is relatively affordable-ish, and having tattoos and piercings doesn't make you a criminal!!

What do you like about living in the now? What are some things from the past that you can't quite shake out of your system? 

I'd love to know!!

Mezz xoxoxo


  1. I love your post Mezz - I think your 'take' on fashion is completely on the nail - following fashion blindly is so boring, what happened to expressing ourselves?

    Your beach wear is lovely - and much nicer than a skimpy bikini :) I love 'old things' - they always have a history to them. I love blogging, Ravelry, etc - I've just left Facebook yet again, I find it a bit scary too!

    Love black and white movies, knitting (socks!), writing letters - wish I did that more often!

  2. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I love the things you love too!! Black and white movies..YES! (and also old musicals are a favourite of mine!) I agree, writing and recieving letters is one of the nicest things that we can do, but I just don't bother enough! Thanks for reminding me and inspiring me to get the stationary out again!!


  3. Being much older than you means I probably have lots of old fashioned things I still love. Writing hand written notes/letters is one of them. How lovely to be on the receiving end, getting real mail in the letterbox (a change from just bills and boring stuff from real estate agents!) I also love hand knitting (especially for babies), 40s/50s movies, old Hymns with inspiring words, reading real books where you actually have to turn the pages and maybe even smell the slight mustiness of an old one. And I reckon that a well designed pair of one piece bathers is flattering on most women (look at those glamour shots of the 40s!). I'm sure there are heaps more things, like wooden rolling pins, home made cakes ans scones etc, but it's late so I'd best be off xo