I'm dreaming of a ...creative, relaxed, lovely, unique, (but probably not white) Christmas!

Here is a small glimpse of what our Christmas is looking like this year....

I made this wreath last year using scraps of red and green fabric, and an embroidery hoop. I like welcoming friends and fam at the front door of our Community House with this cheeriness.

Guardian Angel Napolean Dynamite watches over our little cardboard Nativity scene.

A collection of Christmas pictures, cards that I couldn't bare to part with and kids crafts blue tacked onto a blank wall at the top of our stairs.

Finished! my Silent Night embroidery.

I made Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace mini buntings last year as gifts...and couldn't resist whipping up a few for myself as well! All cute fabric is from the Op Shop.

I finished this little crochet granny square Christmas bunting just in time!!

Brown paper packages tied up with string...well not quite, but you know what I mean.

Our Christmas-y kitchen. $2 vinatge Christmas lights from the Op Shop.

Orange and cloves...mmmm...smells like Christmas!My friend from Sweden always decorated her house with these each Christmas, and I've always wanted to do it too..I sat up on Saturday night and made a few to scatter around the house.

Mr. Coleman's folks live in Taiwan, and always send the kids these seriously cute pop up Christmas cards..We keep them each year and use them as decorations for the following Christmas!

Nothing better then sitting in my favourite Op Shopped rocking chair with a cuppa, a Bing Crosby Christmas record on and enjoying the good vibes..

Here is my little display of mini Nativity scenes I've collected along the years. The tiny triangular one was given to me when Iwas about 5, and it's still my favourite!!

Do you celebrate Christmas? What does your Christmas look like? Sound like? Taste like!!?

Peace, Mezz xx


  1. Well your house just looks so fabulous! Very chrismassy and festive! My christmas looks and tastes homemade. With the help from friends and family..my christmas is very DIY for food, decorations and gifts!

  2. Thank you so much for sending me the link to your Away in a Manger, with echoes of Emmy Lou Harris, except you do it better. This link took me to your blog and what a lovely surprise to see remnants of some Swedish traditions in your home.
    I think of you, and wish you and your beautiful family all the best for 2013.
    Merry Christmas and lots of love from Sofia, Ayva and Albin