Silent Night

After recording "Away in a Manger" the other week, I had a bit of time to spare and the camera and microphone were still set up, so we decided to quickly do another song.

Pete (my younger brother, and the newest "Papa Bear" in our family) strapped on his guitar and we ran through "Silent Night"once or twice before hitting record. Considering it was a bit rushed and done totally in the moment, I think it's quite nice.

Hope you enjoy this version of Silent Night. Thanks to Pete for helping out with recording, videoing, and sending me all the uploaded links because I might be fooling a few people, but I'm still a complete techno hack!!!

Pete is an awesome musician in his own right, and you should check out what he gets up to by clicking here.


Mezz x


  1. Absolutely beautiful...glad I stopped for a few moments and listened. xxx

  2. Hey Mezz, another great clip......what a beautiful gift to have.
    Love your uke playing too.

    Claire x