2013: All you need is Love.

Hi there. Happy New Year. I am so excited about 2013. 2012 was in a lot of ways quite a difficult year for me and my family, so I'm quite happy to put it behind me and  focus on making this year one full of love for ourselves, family, friends and community.

Creatively, I've been up to all sorts of no good these past 12 months, and I hope this year is another great year of creativity…whether it’s music, sewing, knitting, stapling, baking or who knows what else. I love having this MezzMakesStuff space to share with interested and/or like minded people what I get up to, so am looking forward to another fun year of blogging and meeting such great and creative people!

Last night we celebrated New Years with a very laid back BBQ at my brother’s house, and my sister in law, Ash, said that for her 2013 was going to be the year of "interesting-ness." I loved it! It got me thinking about what I want this new year to be about for me and my family, and the famous Beatles song "All you need is Love" floated into my brain and wouldn't leave. So this year my "mantra" if you like is "All you need is love", and I hope that from time to time throughout the year, when I get caught up in crap, lists, mess, heartache, busyness and who knows what else, I can remember the plain and simple truth that "All you need is Love."

What are your plans, hopes and dreams for this year?

I wouldn't call these resolutions, but here are some things I hope to achieve (or do more regularly then I currently do) this coming year….and even though this might just look like a random list of things to do, they are ideas born out of love in some way or another. Love for either for myself, family, friends, the earth or God. All you need is Love.

-bake bread.
-Get my oven fixed (so I can bake bread!!)
-Meet more neighbours
-Go to bed early sometimes.
-Play more music
-Record new songs that I've written
-sew more clothes for myself (including undies, I really want to make myself some undies!!)
-have more friends over ploughman’s lunches, morning teas, and BBQ's
-read interesting books
-catch up with old friends I haven’t seen in ages
-make more foods from scratch.
-craft more regularly with the women in my community
-re think and re commit to more ways in which we as a family can be ethical consumers
-spend more time in the garden
-be really present at Coleman Jnr's school
-Don’t feel bad about getting babysitters and going out and doing nice things with Mr. Coleman every so often

Enjoy this great clip!!

Mezz xoxoxox


  1. Hey Mezz, enjoyed reading your list of things you'd like to achieve this year.
    Love the sewing idea...undies, now that's different ...I would like to knit myself a pair of socks. Mastering the 3 needle thing is going to be tricky but I need challenging. I hope you manage to achieve lots of things on your list.
    Not sure what my word or phrase will be to take with me into the new year, pondering that one still........
    Wishing you a wonderfully, creative, happy, healthy and blessed new year....

    Claire X

  2. I hope this next year is easier and one you can look back on with a smile! Am privelaged and excited to share it with you and your family! xxx

  3. happy new year :)thanks for sharing your resolutions list. for me i think i just want to be more organised and clear some clutter, so that my home works with me and not against me. oh, and more of a focus on things i/we love and enjoy. starting with little changes- going bust out my random & beautiful stash of op-shopped dinner plates gathering dust in cupboard and give our boring big w set that we have used forever to my mum for mosaics. i am expecting this year to be a little crazy so it will do us good to have a nice little nest to retreat into.
    erin :)

  4. I've been writing in my gratitude diary about what I'm grateful to God for in the past year....once I began, I had to stop after 2 foolscap pages as it was getting really late! And there was still so much I could have written...including how much I've loved your blog and how grateful I am to you for sharing so much with us. Now I'm thinking about 2013. I guess I want to spend more quality time with my friends and family and make contact with people who have been more peripheral, but who I really want to see again. The sudden passing of my friend Robyn reminded me not to put things off, especially when it comes to relationships with people God's given me as a gift.Also,growing more vegies so we can share with family and friends, learning more craft skills, cooking and eating even healthier (have made a good start), being fitter and a little slimmer by my next birthday, having short breaks away with Davo, getting a few big jobs done around the house money permitting (so that means being smart with our finances!),learning more about being the person God wants me to be ....That should all keep me going for a bit methinks! xo