A little song 4 u...

Lovely readers, I wish I knew who you all were so I could send you a handmade Christmas card...but alas, I don't! So I have recorded you a song instead.

Thanks to my great brother Pete who helped me out with this, here is a little version of "Away in a Manger" to give you a bit of Christmas love and cheer, and to say thanks for checking out my blog this year. My blog started out with the motto  CRAFT + MUSIC = HAPPY, and a year later CRAFT + MUSIC STILL = HAPPY!! hooruh.

I am brimming with musical energy again, and am so excited about the new songs that are coming!! I have a new attitude to my music which is very similar to my attitude towards mothering and crafting,  "do what I can, when I can, and be totally ok with that!!" So what you will hear from me over this next period of my life is snippets and songs as they emerge..not a whole album, because seriously I'm not superwoman and don't have enough hours in the day to set aside for some hardcore album making again right now... But I'm gonna do what I can, when I can and share with you all along the way...

In other very scary news, I have decided to start a facebook page dedicated to my music (and maybe the odd craft project as well.) It's time I start accepting that it's 2012 (nearly 2013), so please feel free if facebook is your thing to head over and find Mezz Coleman and be my friend!! If not, I understand. Completely. Utterly. Totally.

Can't wait!

Mezz xx


  1. Wow..........that was just beautiful Mezz. I love your voice, what a gift, thanks for sharing this......
    So glad the musical energy and excitement is back, can't wait to hear more of your songs.
    Seems as an artist, musical or otherwise, FB is the way to get out there and let other people se what you are doing......go for it.

    CLaire x

  2. Dear Claire,

    Thanks so much for your lovely words of encouragement. its always scary putting your creative efforts "out there" for people to react to, so i'm glad that your reaction is a very positive one! im sure you feel the same way about sharing with the world all the lovely things you make.

    hope you are having a wonderful day,

    Mezz x

  3. lovely :) really enjoying your blog! have officially graduated from snooping to stalking to following, lol.

  4. Thanks, I'm so glad you're enjoying this blog..I enjoy writing it!! Pop by anytime to say hi, (btw, do you write a blog? If so let me know, I'll check it out!!)

    mezz x